2019 Employer Summit and Awards – An Overview

This year’s Summit engaged over 130 employers, civic leaders and stakeholders to discuss the role of relationships in shaping and influencing individual attitudes and workplace culture change, to build strategies to effectively integrate skilled immigrants into the labour force, and to celebrate employer excellence in Ottawa.

The Summit Keynote Address was delivered by Tej Singh Hazra, a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Expert who gave an inspiring address that included his personal and professional journey, highlighting how authentic and meaningful cross-cultural relationships can be paramount to propelling individual changes in attitude, understanding and influence. Tej left the audience on their feet, literally singing in unison and inspired to influence their workplaces and communities. Read more…

Building Relationships and Influence across Difference

A panel of employers and skilled immigrant employees with experience in mentorship, allyship and sponsorship discussed how relationships across difference drive change. Drawing on experiences from their own workplaces and programs, panelists shared lessons learned, practical challenges and opportunities of networks and intercultural relationships in fostering inclusion. Read more…

Reciprocal Mentoring Lunch and Activity

Employers and skilled immigrants convened for lunch and a facilitated mentorship and networking activity. Summit participants used pre-set questions to talk to people in the room they had never met; ask questions, actively listen to their answers and provide guidance or advice to them. Then they switched roles. Over the course of the activity, participants had the opportunity to engage in active networking and conversations across difference, as well as offer up and receive advice or guidance from new connections. Following the reciprocal networking activity, summit participants engaged in generative group discussions on networking and influence, sharing tips and advice to help people build and foster stronger networks.

The Strength of Networks in Facilitating Change
Mark Sutcliffe, Broadcaster, author and entrepreneur started his presentation by challenging the audience to take concrete actions to foster and effectively leverage their own networks and relationships to influence change for others. He spoke about his own journey and how relationships have been pivotal to building momentum for action within his networks. Read more…

Inclusion Story

Ayokunle Ogundipe, Project Manager, International Initiatives at the Canadian Bar Association, shared his inspiring personal journey as a newcomer from Nigeria and how mentorship was the key to opening professional opportunities for him in Ottawa. He described how his mentor helped to broaden his network and understanding of the local labour market, and how they both learned from each other. He reminded the audience of the resilience of newcomers and how important a cup of coffee and a connection can be to someone’s success in the community.

2019 Employer Excellence Awards – HIO

Three local employers, Cuso International, Lim Geomatics and The Ottawa Hospital, were recognized with the 2019 Employer Excellence Awards for their outstanding and innovative practices in the recruitment and retention of skilled immigrants in their workplaces. Learn more about how they are incorporating diversity and inclusion in their workplace – Award winner profiles and videos…

2019 Employer Awards for Newcomer Employment- IRCC
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada presented the 2019 Employer Awards for Newcomer Employment to three organizations for demonstrating excellence in welcoming and leveraging the talents of newcomers; Collège nordique francophone (CNF) of Yellowknife, NWT, RBC Royal Bank and Friesens Corporation of Altona, MB.

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