2016 Employer Summit

Keynote Highlights – Vandana Juneja

Diversity means having a workplace that reflects both visible differences (gender, skin colour, language, disabilities) as well as invisible differences (sexual orientation, mental health, new hires, long-term employees, introverts, extroverts). Inclusion refers to what employers do to get the most out of their diverse workforce and help employees fulfill their potential. Why does diversity matter? … Read More

Immigrant and employer success story – Heidi Hauver

Immigrant and employer success story: Key messages from Heidi Hauver, Vice President of Human Resources, Pythian, a global information-technology services company. David Sherpa, assistant controller at Pythian, was scheduled to talk about how he established his career as a newcomer, but was unable to attend the conference. Hauver drew on her experience as an HR … Read More

Workshop Highlights – Annahid Dashtgard

“Deep Diversity: Uncovering bias and blind spots.” Key messages from Annahid Dashtgard, Senior Partner at Anima Leadership Inc., an award-winning consulting company that offers innovative organizational change and training solutions to nurture inclusive, productive workplaces. Society is increasingly open to discussing diversity and inclusion. The recent controversy over #oscarssowhite at the Academy Awards marks an … Read More

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