These programs help familiarize newcomers with the Canadian workplace and facilitate employers’ access to the skilled immigrant talent pool

Bridging and Internship Programs

Career Transitions for International Medical Doctors (IMD)
The IMD program provides sector-specific employment preparation and counselling services and employer outreach specific to internationally trained physicians. These services assist IMDs in accessing alternative employment in the health sector that makes effective use of their skills.

Please visit the IMD website for more information.

Bridge Training for International Medical Doctors in Preparation for Medical Licensing
This program helps international medical graduates to enter qualifying programs or get their license by providing information about the Canadian health care system, occupation-specific language and culture in the Canadian health care context

Workplace exposure and clinical training placements through observerships provide additional exposure to health care in Canada.

For more information contact Arber Zaplluzha, Project Manager at 613-232-9634 ext. 418 or at

Internationally Trained Civil Engineering Technologist (ITCET)
This project helps internationally trained civil engineers meet the requirements to practice as Civil Engineering Technologists in Ontario.  Participants receive a Civil Engineering Technology diploma when they graduate.

Please contact Daniel Jella, Project Manager, ITCET, at 613-727-4723 ext. 3531 or

Integrating Internationally-Trained Individuals into the Construction Sector This program is designed for internationally-trained trades people in the construction industry such as electricians, plumbers, and bricklayers. It provides upgrading and language training, a four to six-month work placement, and support with obtaining certificates of qualifications or becoming registered as an apprentice.

Please visit the La Cité Collégiale website for more information or call 613-742-2493 ext. 2251.


Language Programs

Canadian Language Benchmarks
ESL/FSL (English and/or French as Second Language) training is available at no charge for newcomers to Canada, and many skilled immigrants seeking employment in Ottawa will have completed various courses. There are many levels of ESL/FSL training that correspond to a broad range of CLB benchmarks

For more information visit

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)
LINC is a settlement program funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This ESL program provides basic English language instruction to eligible adult newcomers – immigrants and those to whom Canada intends to grant permanent resident status – to facilitate their social, cultural and economic integration into society. These programs are provided by different agencies and organizations to help immigrants during the post-landing settlement and adaptation phase.

For more information on the Ottawa LINC program visit

Enhanced Language Training (ELT)
ELT’s programs have been developed for some specific trades or professions, to provide skilled immigrants with the required job related language skills in their trade or profession. ELT Programs are a pre-condition to meet the requirements of some professional regulatory bodies for licensing and practicing in Canada. For more information about
For more information on ELT programs in Ontario visit

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