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This page contains useful information and resources for skilled immigrants searching  for a job in the Ottawa area.

Job Search Workshops

LASI World Skills
The Workshop provides a comprehensive job search training that is designed specifically for newcomers. The aim of the workshop is to provide the newcomer with the tools to develop an individualized and effective action plan for a successful job hunt.

For more information call 613-233-0453 Ext. 311 or visit our website

Y Employment Access Centre
The YMCA-YWCA’s Employment Access Centre specializes in assisting individuals to obtain employment. It provides one on one employment counselling to help individuals with their employment goals through career exploration, job search strategies, interview techniques, credential assessment, licensing guidance and much more. Job placement support is available for those who qualify, to help clients gain professional work experience. The centre also provides referral to community and Employment Ontario programs such as Second Career.

For more information, please visit YMCA-YWCA or call 613-788-5001.

Credential Evaluation

World Education Services (WES)
WES is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable evaluations of international academic credentials that enable employers to understand the exact nature and Canadian equivalency of the educational background of prospective employees. The evaluation verifies the authenticity of credentials submitted.

Please visit for more information.

Language Assessment 
Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) is the centre of expertise and support of the national standards in English and French. These standards describe, measure, and recognize second language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

For information and resources about the Canadian Language Benchmarks and the Essential Skills for the workplace visit

Canada Readiness Tool

The Canada Readiness Tool is a bilingual, competency-based, online self-assessment tool that will enable internationally educated professionals to self-assess against Canadian Information and Communication Technology employer standards in Workplace Culture, Workplace Communication and Workplace Competencies.

Please visit Information and Communications Technology Council for more information.

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