The Strength of Networks in Facilitating Change

Responding to a growing anxiety about rising divisions in the world and wondering what he could do about it, Mark Sutcliffe, Broadcaster, writer and entrepreneur, shared this advice – “don’t get mad, get busy.”

With these growing divides, Sutcliffe highlighted the importance of building and fostering relationships and building connections. Small-scale change within our communities can have a powerful and magnifying impact and do create real change, he said. Sutcliffe shared his belief that those who have been fortunate enough to be born in a country like Canada – those who won “the ovarian lottery” – and have subsequently accessed greater opportunities, can play a key role in supporting newcomers.

Sutcliffe announced “The Network for Newcomers,” a new support program he has initiated, working with HIO and other community agencies to connect those who have been blessed with luck and opportunity in Ottawa’s business community with newcomers. He hopes this will be another way to build opportunities for newcomers in Ottawa, but also to influence and support stronger understanding and empathy of the experiences of new Canadians.

He implored business leaders in Ottawa to get involved in the “Network for Newcomers” and for everyone to find small and concrete ways to “get busy in their communities,” build connection and positively impact inclusion.

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