2018 Awards Recipients

Assent Compliance

Diversity is not a Goal, it’s an Expectation. While the focus of the work at Assent is on compliance, their work to create a diverse and inclusive workplace goes beyond any requirements. As noted by the CEO, Andrew Waitman “Cultural diversity is not just a goal, it’s an expectation of a normal, rich, anticipated future … Read More

RBC Royal Bank

Embedding Diversity and Inclusion into the Culture. Diversity and Inclusiveness is core to RBC’s workplace culture and way of thinking. RBC promotes diversity and inclusion throughout the organization in a strategic and coordinated manner. RBC encourages the following actions: • Speaking up for inclusion and empowering people to grow and achieve more • Seeking out … Read More

RealDecoy Inc

Integrating Diversity into the Culture. With offices in Ottawa, Kingston, Jamaica and the United States, diversity is naturally integrated in the culture and history of RealDecoy. A business technology specialist that helps organizations maximize their investments in e-commerce, site search and data insight, RealDecoy has benefitted first hand from hiring immigrants. Diversity in employees has … Read More


A Creative Experiment to Access Immigrant Talent. Shopify is an international company with many hard to find and pressing talent needs. Founded by immigrants, Shopify is intentional and creative in addressing talent challenges in order to lead in a more diverse and connected world. From the start, Shopify has encouraged experimentation, risk-taking, and pushing the … Read More

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