HIO’s Cross-Cultural Competency Training Program

The HIO cross-cultural competency training is designed to equip employers, HR Professionals, and people managers with practical skills, strategies and tools needed to increase cultural competencies and prepare workplaces for a culturally diverse employee base.

There are seven modules in this suite of professional development training sessions. These stand-alone sessions give you the flexibility of choosing the topics of interest to you or most relevant to your workplace. Each session is delivered in a small group setting, by a professional facilitator with expertise in cultural competency.

Introduction to Cultural Competency Building
In this session, we will explore and build the foundation of effective communication between new Canadians and their Canadian employers. Find out more…

Culturally Competent Interviewing Skills
In this interactive learning session, we will explore how the sending and receiving of messages during the interview can lead to misinterpretations and misconceptions.  Find out more…

Intercultural Problem-Solving Strategies
Most intercultural conflict is related to perceptual differences. In this session, we will discuss: developing strategies to identify and address communication style differences. Find out more…

Effective Cultural Adaptation Strategies
Through research, we can now describe the profile of the person who adapts inter-culturally (both to culture and to workplace) most effectively. Find out more…

Performance Management and Feedback
In this session, we will explore effective communication techniques for providing internationally educated professionals with day-to-day as well as performance evaluation feedback. Find out more…

Creating the Workplace that Accommodates Effectively
In this interactive session, we will explore keys to successful accommodation strategies, focusing on: the relationship between cultural integration and accommodation. Find out more…

Dimensions of Inclusiveness
In this session, we will explore and learn to create four key inclusiveness dimensions of multicultural workplaces: Entering your work culture: Workplace Orientation topics for internationally educated professionals .. Find out more…

Participants who complete four sessions will receive a program certificate.

Sessions are free, but space is limited. You must register in advance.

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