2016 Awards Recipients

Export Development Canada

Given its mandate to help Canadian companies succeed in foreign markets, it only makes sense for Export Development Canada to have a diverse and multicultural workforce. This is a strategic imperative. EDC’s commitment to diversity is reflected in its 2015-2019 corporate plan and embedded in its top three corporate priorities. Most of EDC’s workforce is … Read More

Hydro Ottawa

Employers across industries are challenged with the greatest demographic shift in the labour force as the boomer generation enters retirement. Hydro Ottawa is no exception. About 44 per cent of its trade and technical workforce is set to retire over the next decade. A few years ago, the utility created its first Diversity Plan, as … Read More

Le Centre préscolaire La Coccinelle d’Orléans

At le Centre préscolaire La Coccinelle d’Orléans, the hiring process is not what you might call conventional. Interviews are carried out in a circle, with no table. Applicants are encouraged to talk about themselves using their intuition, either through an image, a colour or an object. This results in a more authentic exchange that makes … Read More

OZ Optics

OZ Optics’ staff directory says it all. More than 70 per cent of its employees are immigrants, representing 40 countries. Employees often refer to it as “UN Optics.” Over the past 30 years, OZ Optics has grown from a startup in founder Ömür Sezerman’s kitchen into a global company with manufacturing operations in Turkey and … Read More

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