As part of its commitment to diversity, Scotiabank has been part of the network of employers engaged with Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO) since 2007.  Through HIO, Scotiabank has connected with other employers committed to the hiring of skilled immigrants, participated in recruiting events and drawn upon various HIO resources.  As Canada’s most international bank with more than 67,000 employees in some 50 countries around the world, Scotiabank is an organization that understands and embraces diversity.

Scotiabank recognizes the importance of integrating new Canadians into the Bank’s workplace.  As a result, the Bank’s screening process for applicants looks beyond Canadian banking work experience to uncover transferable skills and accreditation that new Canadians may have. As well, as part of an inclusive hiring process, managers are trained to be flexible in their interview style to better accommodate new Canadians, who may not be as familiar with the Canadian interview style.

The Bank also encourages hiring managers to make the best use of resources, tools and cross-cultural events offered by organizations such as HIO.

HIO networking events, for instance, specifically target and invite new Canadians into organized recruitment events that are tailored for their needs and offer valuable face-to-face contact. This presents an important service since recruitment is most commonly conducted electronically, over the telephone, and at university networking events.  Similarly, HIO coaching events provide the opportunity to meet one-on-one with new Canadians about résumé writing and interview techniques.

Scotiabank also actively coaches skilled immigrants at immigrant serving agencies and programs like the Ottawa Job Match Network (OJMN).  Through these organizations Scotiabank accesses high-potential employees such as Alberta Lawson, a new Canadian from Ghana who had previous banking experience as well as a master’s degree from Carleton University. Recognizing the caliber of her skills and international experience in the banking sector, Ms. Lawson was recently placed in a higher position than the one for which she originally applied. Scotiabank and Ms. Lawson met at a networking session at the 2009 Employer Council of Champions Summit.

Through partners like HIO, Scotiabank continues to engage communities in its commitment to build an inclusive and accessible workplace.  Recently, Scotiabank received an honourable mention at the 2008 Employer Excellence Awards for its promising practices in the recruitment of skilled immigrants. In 2010, Scotiabank was named as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for the second year in a row.

Read about Alberta Lawson, a Senior Personal Banking Officer at Scotiabank.

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