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Integrating Diversity into the Culture.

With offices in Ottawa, Kingston, Jamaica and the United States, diversity is naturally integrated in the culture and history of RealDecoy.

A business technology specialist that helps organizations maximize their investments in e-commerce, site search and data insight, RealDecoy has benefitted first hand from hiring immigrants. Diversity in employees has increased innovation, loyalty and an improved ability to compete on a global level and allowed RealDecoy to support more than 200 clients in key verticals including retail, public sector, healthcare, manufacturing technology, education and associations.

With many of the employees moving from global offices to Ottawa, RealDecoy has become familiar with the various changes, challenges and support required to effectively onboard an immigrant employee. According to Neil Simpson, IT Manager and an immigrant employee, “having the support of RealDecoy to ensure that this life changing decision was executed smoothly helped me to settle and enjoy the opportunity.”

For employees interested in immigration, RealDecoy has a “Migration Support Program” to provide advisory and financial support to employees. Today, 25% of the Ottawa based RealDecoy employees are immigrants, many of whom have been supported in the immigration and integration process from outside of Canada.

When recruiting candidates, RealDecoy uses performance-based methods and competency assessments to rate the required technical abilities for the job. Receiving applications from all over the world, applicants are provided with fair and consistent screening calls and interview practices that include plain language and clear communication.

In onboarding employees, RealDecoy offers a learning budget that employees can use for job-related courses to stay current with updates, language/communication development if needed, or any other training that one feels will help in his/her career and personal growth. This has proven to be a financial support resource for new immigrants to develop their skills and competencies in Canada. Each new immigrant employee is also placed with a mentor during their onboarding process and the mentor remains a guide and source for ongoing support.

Diversity and Inclusion at RealDecoy is allowing the organization to gain new skills, exchange innovative ideas and to be more creative. While diversity is naturally integrated in the culture and history of RealDecoy, efforts to build an inclusive workplace have enabled the organization to leverage diversity effectively.

“Diversity has been one of our greatest strengths, and RealDecoy is sincerely grateful that Hire Immigrants Ottawa, and our own staff, have found our culture to reflect our values. Recognition of the importance of integrating different perspectives and backgrounds has built our company – and Canada – into who we are today,” said Geoff Waddington, Chief Operating Officer.


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